The Red Thread - My Fortunate Life In Telecommunications

“The Red Thread” is a book for business leaders and it’s my opportunity to thank my parents, my sisters and pass on the family traditions of hard work, building things that last, never cutting corners and conducting yourself in a way that brings honor to your colleagues, family and friends.

No person is successful on his or her own. At the top the list is my wife of 49 years, Mary Ann, and my children, Christi and Brandon, for putting up with and graciously supporting and helping shape and mold my career at all levels.

I have to mention also, those, who as mentors and friends, had a great influence on my development, my thinking, and my business success but didn’t live to see it. Indeed, I truly miss them and their wisdom – Bill McGowan, David Williams, the unique Michael Bader and my long-time friend Phil Cunningham.

Finally, I would like to mention Trish Hunter who joined me during my LCI days, and Larry Kahaner and Bill Stern. These individuals were integral in the process of completing the final work and I am forever grateful.

This book is also for my grandchildren, Mackenzie, Baxter, Montgomery (“Gummy”), Olivia, Ava, Isabella and Jake. I hope one day they will read, digest and treasure it.

- H. Brian Thompson – June 2013