The Red Thread - My Fortunate Life In Telecommunications

“One of the most difficult challenges any business leader faces is finding those people who are oriented to do the right thing, get the job done correctly and who enjoy solving problems. Brian believes in the importance of open and direct communication with the people in an organization, empowering managers to take chances and make decisions, and continually working to eliminate layers of bureaucracy.”

-- Roger S. Penske, Chairman, Penske Corporation

“Read this book. Learn from Brian's experience at less personal cost than he has paid. His candor and insights are reflected in the colorful fabric of his remarkable career.”

-- Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer

“The Red Thread is compelling and cogent. Brian unravels the fascinating world of telecommunications with straightforward clarity. It also is wonderful that he has helped put telecom and Ireland on the same page.”

-- Donald R. Keough, Chairman, Allen & Company; Former President of The Coca-Cola Company

“Brian's leadership and mentoring became a life changing experience for me post my ABA/NBA career. I definitely learned from him what I missed by not attending graduate school. Additionally, I gained a friend and golfing buddy for life. What a blessing.”

-- Julius Erving, retired NBA and ABA player; former LCI board member

“H. Brian Thompson, a pioneer of the market based telecomm revolution, shares new insights and enduring wisdom about succeeding in business and in life. Must reading for aspiring entrepreneurs by a world class leader.”

-- Richard E. Cavanagh, Former CEO, the Conference Board Inc.; Former Executive Dean, Harvard Kennedy School