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The Red Thread - My Fortunate Life In Telecommunications

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The Red Thread: My Fortunate Life in Telecommunications

by H. Brian Thompson.
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When most people are asked to name corporate CEOs, celebrity names come to mind: Jack Welch, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. But what about the other 5,000+ leaders of public companies? Who are they, and why don’t we hear about them? These men and women run companies every single day – day in and day out. Some of them are millionaires, but many are not. They keep a low profile, growing their companies, building shareholder value and doing the right things for their employees. H. Brian Thompson is one of these people. Son of an Irish immigrant labor leader, Thompson epitomizes America’s real CEOs. He’s not flashy, and, unlike many celebrity CEOs, he admits to successes and failures. He comes from modest means, and still considers himself a working person who builds prosperous companies, provides employment and wants to leave a legacy for his community and his family. He’s an ethical person who doesn’t believe that business is just about money but helping people achieve goals they thought were unattainable. Despite what many Americans may believe, most CEOs are like Thompson. They are solid leaders who run their companies without a lot of pomp and spectacle. Thompson and his peers are the true pillars of the American economy who have made the United States the economic envy of the world. “The Red Thread” is the business memoir of one of America’s real CEOs. Visit to learn more.